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Lithuanian Showcase, Sirenos International Theatre Festival, Vilnius

Together* is an hour-long piece from OKT / Vilnius City Theatre, devised by Jurate Paulekaite and Dainius Gavenonis. It weaves together the play Beans (by Daiva Cepauskaite) and a Lithuanian folk tale called Old Man, Old Woman and a Bean.

Its opening is marvelous: actors too young for their roles impersonate old people lugging bags of beans around. They grunt and working out the logistics of their work like puppets. It's a bare stage, with a rope hanging center.

The story concerns these two old people when they get stuck in the bean elevator. We discover eternity in the relationship as these two fight, stomp their feet and complain. "It's all your fault", he tells her, "Not only the elevator, life itself!" In time, as they despair, they just lie around laughing, hopeless but together.

The story is interspersed with scenes of two actors on naked-old-people costumes acting out a fable. It's an unassuming and endearing production.

- Steve Capra
September 2007

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